Georgie's Bakery and Cafe, 857 South Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14620
Puerto Rican home cooking every Saturday.
Every Saturday, beginning at 10AM, enjoy our exceptional Spanish Specialties.

For $7.99 for a full portion, or $5.99 for a half portion, you can get
Per nil Con Arroz Con Gandules (roast pork with red beans and rice) or
Pollo As ado (baked chicken dinner with red beans and rice).

These meals may be enjoyed in Georgie's Cafe or for take-out. They are available from 10AM until they are all gone!

 Pollo Asado

Rice is a mainstay of the Puerto Rican diet and it can be prepared in a variety of ways: "White" served with Kidney Beans or prepared with Gandules (pigeon peas) or Garbanzos (chick-peas)... or in many other delicious ways. The special aroma comes from Ado bo and Sofrito - blends of herbs and spices that gives the recipes distinctive tastes and color.

The time-honored ingredients in our recipes are still the same, different and delicate blends that Grandma Carmen Ruiz mixes in along with her own little secrets... that is what makes them really distinctive.

Are you hungry? See you on Saturday!

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